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Risk Assessment

Samples Of Risk Reports and Pricing

MEGA offers four formats of case examples of adolescent boys and girls, including youth with low intellectual functioning, and youth under 12. Each case example represents the different kinds of risk reports generated. All of the reports are available for purchase.

Risk Reports

Our Individualized Risk Assessment Reports provide a comprehensive report on a youth's risk level, establishing the baseline level of risk. We also offer a report on changes in risk level and protective factors over time. It can be administered every six months. The sample risk reports are as follows:

Sample 1 - Adolescent Male
Sample 2 - Female With Low Intellectual Functioning
Sample 3 - Outcome Report
Sample 4 - Summary Report
Sample 5 - Outcome Summary Report 

Our risk assessment reports are for qualified users already trained to administer the MEGA

Payment Options

Please direct your questions regarding ordering any of the MEGA Individualized Risk Assessment Reports to: L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Ph.D., at

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